Want to open an e-commerce business and learn how to get started?

Want to open an e-commerce business and learn how to get started?

Following are 3 essential tools for choosing a product and finding the ideal market in which to distribute it to millions of people, thus becoming an international brand with worldwide presence in the e-commerce arena:

Create an account – do it right the first time

Until a few years ago, almost anyone could create a seller account on Amazon. Consequently, many sellers had created accounts with falsified details, resulting in a lack of trust between sellers and buyers. In response, Amazon has implemented a new and strict policy, which requires any seller interested in joining Amazon’s e-commerce community to undergo a comprehensive verification process.

Creating an account on Amazon may sound like an easy task, but it soon becomes apparent that it consists of a number of no small obstacles. So, if we are to bypass as many of them as possible in the simplest way, we must do it right the first time.

Novice Amazon entrepreneurs often attempt to open their seller account on Amazon themselves. Many do not follow the instructions carefully, resulting in Amazon deactivating their seller account time and time again.

Nowadays creating a seller account on Amazon requires documents such as an ID or driver’s license, bank statements and Amazon may also require a video call with the person wishing to open the Amazon seller account to confirm that he or she is in fact that person.


With our help, you, being smart sellers, will carefully follow the instructions in an orderly and meticulous manner, and thus you will be able to bypass the obstacles on your way to your breakthrough into the e-commerce world.

Forming Research

We will share with you a number of recommendations for choosing the product with which to break into the world of e-commerce:

  • Price – recommended product price range is $20-$50
  • Weight – the lighter the product, the less storage and shipping will cost. Recommended product weight is no more than 750 grams (1.5 pound)
  • Package size – package size impacts storage and shipping costs. Maximum recommended size is in cm 45x35x20 and in inches 17.7″x13.7″x7.8″ (length, width, height respectively)
  • Usability – the product should be easy to use
  • Safety – the product should neither be hazardous nor endanger anyone or anything (no batteries, chemicals, gasses, toxic materials, etc.)
  • Durability – the product should not be complex or made of a large number of parts, which may be damaged during shipment or when used by the customer
  • Brand diversity – choose a product the first Amazon page of which is not dominated by a single brand
  • Seasonality – the product should not be seasonal


Once the product with which to break into the international trade market has been chosen, we must select the best category for our product. Selecting the most suitable category is paramount.

Identifying the most suitable and best category entails conducting an in-depth research on the Amazon website aimed at understanding who our major competitors are and in what categories their products appear.

So as to distribute our product worldwide, our goal should be to earn a “Best Seller” badge for our product. Amazon sorts its products by categories, and in each category the best-selling products are selected and granted this badge. Therefore, we must identify and select the best category for our product, thereby increasing the chances that our product will become the next “Best Seller”.

Building a Ninja community

Influencers who have followers all over the world bring great value to their communities, by marketing the products best suited to their community of followers. We at TCM are pleased to share with you the launch of Ninja Influence 2.0, our new network influencer system. Ninja Influence 2.0 is an influencer marketing system. We create an emotional experience for customers through innovative design and a convenient, user-friendly interface, which generates high satisfaction for returning customers, thus growing the ninja community, and increasing value for you.

Do you know a business that has products, and wants to reach 100 million influencers in the right communities for its products? We at TCM have developed Ninja, a system that gathers and grows communities around our brands, which we are currently opening to the general public in Israel and worldwide.

Nowadays, the buying experience and customers’ preliminary research prior to purchasing a product are more oriented toward network influencers rather than the classic advertising we all know. Many global community internet influencers are in the Ninja system, and the system enables searching it for influencers and obtaining information about them that is useful to us as brand managers. The system identifies influencers based on their specialization and locale. These influencers can help us; they can form effective social media campaigns and by increasing products’ exposure to the most relevant communities they can lead to an increase in the sales turnover of our products. In our Ninja Influence 2.0 system campaigns can be managed and results can be tracked most efficiently and conveniently. Have you ever considered what would be the best way to expose your product to the world?

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About the Authors: Gabi and Shani Bar are founders and Co-CEOs of TCM Digital and manage international brands generating tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.