As a leading eCommerce technology company, TCM developed proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms to scan eCommerce businesses with Big Data across the internet. Amongst the millions of data points, we identify the most profitable eCommerce businesses that can benefit from our technology. Once we find and identify the eCommerce business, we evaluate its market value and buy it for the right price. Our highly-skilled personnel relies solely on the data: with over 100 different parameters, we can determine the correct value for the online store and forecast its growth potential.

We utilize both machine and deep learning to extrapolate the information required from the massive amount of data that we accumulate. We can then provide our team with actual decision-making KPIs, starting from inventory management, promotional arena, geographical expansion, customer preference prediction, and many more. Our SellAct application predicts where and what to sell as well as lifetime value. Our Advertising AI enables our online store to run efficient and accurate online campaigns to increase profit and reduce costs in all marketplaces. We provide a fully automated promotion machine from image processing, ad creation, monitoring, and testing to budget control.

Acquisition through BIG DATA

We harvest online data to identify, analyze, and evaluate potential eCommerce businesses using Big Data techniques. We determine the exact valuation and predict the possible outcome before we buy any eCommerce business. Our Big Data provides us with deep insight into each eCommerce business’s fair market value for maximum return on our investment. We provide eCommerce business sellers with a clear and precise overview of their business value to facilitate smooth and fast transactions.


We use AI models to forecast demand for our products and brands and support our advanced performance analytics, fully automated advertising platform, real-time arbitrage, and advanced Big Data tools. We provide our clients with comprehensive dashboards to oversee our entire day-to-day operations and track our success.


We developed Machine and Deep Learning models and algorithms to provide data to successfully launch new eCommerce products into blue ocean opportunities with the highest probability of success for existing businesses and brands. Using these models, we identify global expansion opportunities for current and future eCommerce product lines.

Cohesiveness through Core Values

TCM was established on the core values of generosity, trustworthiness, integrity and resourcefulness. Our vision and values drive the 110 first-class, passionately committed employees who work for our clients around the world to outperform, outsmart and outpace the competition.