How to start an international e-commerce

How to start an international e-commerce

Gabi and Shai Bar: Want to start an international e-commerce business choosing the best suppliers for your business? We will show you a path to doing so

Have you ever considered how to maintain a cross-continental relationship with different cultures, build trust and interpersonal communication as a basis for continuity and a global growing business?

We present to you a communication model for the creation of an international business, where communication is mostly virtual for your idea.

Finding a reliable supplier – a supplier that meets the criterion of a competitive price relative to market conditions of the product category

Tips and streamlining working with suppliers

It is important to take the time to find a supplier that meets your criteria, and in order to do so you should negotiate with at least 3 suppliers; you are the inspectors tasked with examining them. Once that is done, choose the supplier who presents you with the best overall offer.

To best communicate with your supplier, it’s preferable to use Wechat, Skype, Email or WhatsApp.

Points to keep in mind when approaching a supplier

  •       The most essential thing to confirm is that the supplier can produce our product and do so under our private label
  •       Does the supplier produce the product we need?
  •       Is the supplier experienced with Amazon orders?
  •       It is imperative to find out in advance what is the price per unit (based on a maximum production quantity of 500 units) + packaging + logo + shipping to USA. This information will help us to most accurately calculate product profitability
  •       Get a time estimate of when a sample of the product will be ready for shipment to Israel

Sample orders – prior to production orders

  •   Ask the supplier for a sample of 1-2 units of the product
  •   Physically examine your product sample and test its quality
  •   Keep one sample of the branded product to be used in a photoshoot
  •   Cost of sample + cost of shipping the sample
The main parameters to be considered when placing a production order
  •   Order the minimum production quantity
  •   Take into account manufacturing lead times
  •   Find out how long does it take for shipments to arrive from China to Amazon
Paying suppliers – options and process

 To ensure that your payment transfers are as safe as possible, make sure on supplier’s Alibaba website that your chosen supplier is covered by Alibaba’s Trade Assurance program. After the order is placed, the supplier will send you a link specifying all order details. Once you have confirmed the details, you should then proceed to select your preferred payment method. The options are:

  1.     Wire transfer
  2.     PayPal
  3.     Western Union / MoneyGram
  4.     Trade Assurance
  5.     Payoneer 

Production Order

  •       First order – no more than 500 units of the product
  •       You’re testing the supplier, not the other way around
  •       Don’t cave under pressure
  •       Shipping – use UPS, DHL or any other courier company

An example of TCM’s relationships with its suppliers around the world:

At TCM we work with suppliers from different countries on a daily basis and maintain close business relationships with them.

The suppliers whom we work with provide us with the highest quality products and our relationships are mutually beneficial.

For his part, the supplier provides us with quality products at competitive prices and on doing our part, we provide to the supplier work.

Below is a short video clip showing what an order from one of TCM’s Chinese suppliers looks like.

Keep in mind that it’s not the first order, but a long-term relationship between a supplier and TCM that brings about amazing results in sales on Amazon, so the quantity of products that we order from the supplier should be enough to satisfy the brand’s huge customer base.