How to make your brand widely desirable worldwide

How to make your brand widely desirable worldwide

Gabi and Shai Bar: Want to start an international e-commerce business choosing the best suppliers for your business? We will show you a path to doing so

Have you contemplated how to get people to view your product and naturally desire it? There is an emotional path to conquer the hearts of customers and the general rule is to create for them a growing community around the product and a sense of belonging.

Here are some basic rules that will help establish your brand as world-renowned and desirable

Private label – this method sustains three principal aims:

A brand, a customer base, knowledge & practice.

You decide on the product’s quality, the type of material from which it shall be made and what factory will produce it for you, and you set the prices and can adjust them – increase the price when demand is high or lower it to push for sales. The same goes for controlling inventory and quantities of orders shipped to Amazon warehouses. You also choose in which market to sell your product – USA, Europe, etc. Later on, in order to expand the brand, you should produce supplementary products.

Using this method affords you freedom to make your own decisions, but also places responsibility for whatever actions you take in your business squarely with you.

To submit the product, you must first register the brand. The brand name should be original and directly related to its niche, and it is advisable that a strong search word be added to the product name.

The brand registration process begins with checking the brand name (to see if it is already taken), continues with registration of the brand as a trademark at the US Trademark Office (TM) and finally registration of the brand on Amazon via the link:


A high-quality, well-designed product packaging is incredibly important and conducive to sales; it affects the customer and encourages purchases by providing a shopping experience and boosting products’ value, and it helps build your brand.

Therefore, packaging differentiation is essential – think outside the box, differentiate yourself and make your brand synonymous with uniqueness greater than that of your competitors. Remember, differentiation boosts products’ value thus making it easier for you to compete effectively in the marketplace.


What should be displayed on the product’s package?

  •   Brand name
  •   Product name
  •   Logo
  •   Brand’s website
  •   Products main features and advantages
  •   Instructions for use
  •   Labels, warnings and recommendations


Consider how your product improves the quality of life of a customer who has bought it. what it gives such a customer and what value it provides to the world. For example, one of our brands called Lanesball is a brand that has sprung from a mere idea. The value it provides is documenting moments of one’s life. The product captures moments from the lives of hundreds of customers and they share these photos in a community of over 250,000 people! Sharing with the community evokes brand belonging, a thrilling social belonging abounding with humanity and joy, since we, all who are flesh and blood, feed on social interaction.

When your brand is all about life, all about people, you’re on the right path to becoming an international brand.


Visit the website:


To create added value for your brand, consider the following:

  •   Videos – explanatory/tutorials/assembly/user experience
  •   Adding a link to your community on Facebook / Instagram
  •   A discount coupon – for purchase of an additional item (if you have more than one produce on Amazon)
  •   A gift item – a supplementary product
  •   An insert – informative value helpful in use of the product and for getting reviews 


Enter to get a preliminary draft of a branding plan and learn how to construct your product’s “why”:


About the Authors: Gabi and Shani Bar are founders and Co-CEOs of TCM Digital and manage international brands generating tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.