How to expand my brand to international markets

Gabi and Shani Bar: My brand's first take off – flying high and dreaming big in the world How to expand my brand to international markets

Having achieved measurable results, your brand’s products sold, now you can take the time to rejoice, be thankful and plan your next moves. Here are 4 essential tools with which to start of the journey.

  1.     Expanding your markets

Amazon has marketplaces in various countries besides the United States – in Europe, China, India, Japan, Canada, Australia and more…

Enter a new market only after your product has shown a robust and stable level of sales in the United States and set another budget for this undertaking.

You should enter the UK market next – it’s the largest and most successful market outside the United States, and from the UK you will also be able to market to other European countries – France, Germany, Italy, Spain – and all from the same seller account.

If you want to trade in a European marketplace, check first if VAT applies to sales to that country. If so, there are many service providers who can help you open a VAT account.

  1.         Expanding your audience

Amazon and social media enable you to expand your target audience with the help of a variety of new or added marketing campaigns and automated tools that can be used to run affordable campaigns that will show your ads to larger groups of people.


Using campaigns to expand your audience enables:

  •       Simpler targeting by audience and optimization
  •       Working on different social media networks and with diverse audiences
  •       Increasing the exposure potential of the brand or product
  1.         Developing a product line

If your product is selling well and sales figures are stable, we recommend that you look into how you might expand your product line.

For example, if certain product sells well, it is worth checking if another variation can be developed of the same product but in different colors. see example below illustrating how the same product is offered in a range of colors:

Additionally, similar products or products of the same category can be developed thus transforming the brand from a single-product brand into a successful multi-product brand.

In order to develop a line of different products (not a different package size or color of the same product) make a precise plan down to the last detail, it is important to make sure to carry out every single one of the following actions:

  •       In-depth market research conducted either manually or using technological tools
  •       Make sure that the product you are considering is in high demand and faces low to reasonable levels of competition
  •       After researching and choosing the product, a survey should be conducted with several suppliers to find out the production prices (and shipping costs) per unit
  •       Make sure that after deducting all costs, you will still have a high profit
  •       Once you and the supplier have agreed on the price per unit, it is highly recommended that you order samples so you can feel the product, comment on it and make improvements to differentiate your product from that of your competitors.
  •       Then start out with a small inventory order and send it, let’s say, to Amazon warehouses and see how your target audience responds to the product and in what quantities it is sold.
  1.     Choose the right team for your brand

As your brand gains momentum and sales increase, your community will grow and demand more and more of you. Your growth bodes well, but also entails maintaining a standard of quality, where both product and service levels are concerned. You should know that you don’t have to go it alone. To run a successful, 24/7, international brand, many brand owners employ global staff (VA – Virtual Assistant) who carry out the day-to-day operations of the brand, such as customer service, logistics, design and marketing, content creation and the like. We at TCM have an international team of over 100 staff members around the world, who work day in day out for our brands.

About the Authors: Gabi and Shani Bar are founders and Co-CEOs of TCM Digital and manage international brands generating tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.