How to ensure that our brand’s launch

How to ensure that our brand's launch is jaw-dropping and results in masses of people excited to buy our product

Have you ever wondered how international brands started out despite not yet having a single buyer?

They had to put a great deal of thinking into planning their first step on the way to the top. In this module you will be handed this first step, so go for it – step out into the world…

When launching a brand keep in mind that we want to build a brand that will nurture long-term relationships with its customers.

Creating a safe and reliable anchor for customers, conveys reliability, transparency and product feedback, ratings and reviews.

Every brand has its own “Why”. What is a “Why”, you ask?

When building a brand, you’re going to want to define its “Why”, that is, what need does the brand meet? Who is it intended for? How can it benefit people and improve their quality of life?

It is important that we gain an understanding of these points even before we start selling our brand’s products. The answers to these questions will underpin everything related to the brand -Which populations should we focus on when running our paid and organic advertising campaigns? What models should be used to best showcase our products in branded images? What colors should we choose for our brand and so on. Therefore, this is an integral and essential part of the preparation needed prior to launching the brand on Amazon’s trading platform.

Linking our products to our brand

It is important to note that when creating the product’s listing on Amazon, the product must be linked to our brand name, as in the picture below:

This product is linked to a brand called iSteam. When creating the product’s listing for the first time, enter your brand name in the ‘Brand’ column so that Amazon can link the product with the brand – resulting in a listing such as the one in the picture above.

What should we do to make our brand a success on Amazon?

It is important to make sure our brand is prominently featured within Amazon and there are several ways in which this can be achieved:

  1.   Signing up for the Amazon Brand Registry program – a program that gives you access to more marketing tools, particularly ones that help promote the brand within Amazon.
  2.   Using Amazon’s A + Content – once we have successfully registered for the Amazon Brand Registry program we will be able to use this tool to enhance our listings using special content features designed on our products’ Amazon sales pages.

The picture below is an example of what content designed on Amazon A+ Content looks like and how it can make our brand really standout on Amazon:

  1.   Amazon Post – An Amazon post program for generating posts about our brand’s products that are basically like posts on social media, but this content will usually be available only within Amazon. Visible on Amazon’s app, the posts are a great tool for forming a strong brand community of Amazon customers.

An example of an Amazon post:

Ranking of our brand’s products on Amazon

Amazon ranks products on its platform based on an index called BSR – Best Seller Rank

This index is determined mainly by the following parameters:

  • The daily number of this product’s units sold compared with other products in the same category
  • Customer reviews – level of satisfaction rating by customers who entered product reviews
  • Seller account health
  • Customer service available to help buyers with questions or issues
  • Conversion rate – how many people visited the product’s listing page compared to how many bought the product

This factors affect our brand’s products ranking.

We will always aim to ensure our BSR is low and always strive to be as close as possible to 1. Low BSR equals a product that sells well on Amazon.

An example of a brand’s video:

About the Authors: Gabi and Shani Bar are founders and Co-CEOs of TCM Digital and manage international brands generating tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.