Gabi and Shani Bar international brand

Gabi and Shani Bar international brand

How can you start an international business and take it from concept to product? Gabi and Shani, co-founders of TCM Digital, share how this can be achieved. 

Choose a market with a wide target clientele suited to become your ideal customer – the recommended market is e-commerce

Authors: Gabi Bar and Shani Bar

Why e-commerce?

  1. It grows in staggering leaps of a decade a year
  2. It is independent of the physical world – unhindered by wars / epidemics / disasters / force majeure events.
  3. It is the largest market in the world, prevalent worldwide, able to provide creative solutions even if stores / trading venues are closed; generating alternatives from within, it provides security for its entrepreneurs – economic risk versus opportunity.

Have you ever considered becoming the owner of a successful international digital store?

TCM is an Israeli technology company that has sprung from a dream that took root in our minds. Thanks to its unique technological and value-based ecosystem, an ecosystem conceived by its founders Shani and Gabi Bar while sitting at their dining room table, TCM has – under the radar – developed and grown. TCM specializes in e-commerce and imparting its professional knowledge to the world is a key component of its mission and value system. Thus, in the following series of 8 modules, we will share with you our vast knowledge of e-commerce.

Has it ever occurred to you, while sitting at home and shopping online, that you are part of the fastest growing market in the world?

This new world of online commerce began growing at an accelerated rate in the 2000s, with the emergence of online retail giants such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba, and the pursuant surge in online sales.

Gabi and Shani Bar, co-founders, and co-CEOs of TCM, identified the trend less than a decade ago as they were seeking a source of livelihood for their home. They were in search of a worldwide market, a growing market, one that is not dependent on the realm of physical businesses and thus would not be adversely affected by fire, epidemics, and the like. They were after a new global world, where possibilities are limitless.

Early in 2021, leading experts had estimated that online sales growth would be slower compared to the previous year, but would be based on 2020’s massive increase and would far exceed the forecasted sale figures made prior to the epidemic. Now that we are halfway into the year, record breaking sales growth is apparent as well as e-commerce constituting a larger part of total retail spending in all product categories.

In line with the trend, e-commerce companies are adapting to consumers and are looking for ways to streamline the process along the entire service chain, investing significant resources and devoting much thought to the user experience. The order process is now more convenient than ever; platforms are user-friendly, there are easy ways to contact customer service in real time via chat or WhatsApp, and innovative means of delivery are only becoming more advanced and even better.

The e-commerce market is a fast-growing market with vast potential. As of today, 12-24 million stores operate online.

You can establish and run an international business from anywhere at any time, 24/7, regardless of the time of day. You are given access to hundreds of millions of prospective customers for your products. It’s the fastest developing market in the world and its products are delivered directly to the customers’ homes by top notch couriers.

USA e-commerce retail revenue

We all know Amazon, right? One of the largest trading venues in the world, where a huge inventory of products in a variety of categories: clothing, furniture, books, electrical appliances, gadgets and more can be found. Daily purchases on Amazon are in the millions of dollars; it is without a doubt one of the most profitable companies in the globe. No wonder then that many Israelis are attempting to capture a share of this lucrative market.

If you’ve been told that “it’s too late to start a business of your own”, whomever argued that has clearly not been online recently. More so recently, selling on Amazon has become an important and profitable business model for those with little to no experience in brand management. To give you an idea to what extent, Amazon sells $ 19.4 billion a month, $ 4.5 billion a week, $ 638.1 million a day, $ 26.6 million an hour, $ 443,112 a minute and $ 7,385.21 a second.

During Covid-19 restriction periods, people were at home, devoted time to setting up the online business they had always wanted and are already making money. Do you want to start your own innovative business too? We will provide you with tools that will support you in reaching the starting point and help you dream big – towards realization of an international digital business.

First, research your product, approach manufacturers to produce your product. The factory you choose should manufacture your product in bulk, at low cost and as a private label – your own. The manufacturer will ship the products to Amazon warehouses ready for sale.

“If you can dream it, you can do it,” said Walt Disney. We here are genuinely and fully committed to the growth of the digital market – you are our inspiration! When you succeed, the whole digital market grows with you.

Join our community of entrepreneurs in the digital market and expand your knowledge as to how to establish and grow with e-commerce.

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About the Authors: Gabi and Shani Bar are founders and Co-CEOs of TCM Digital and manage international brands generating tens of millions of dollars in annual sales.