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About us

As a full eCommerce solution, we identify, evaluate, buy, and grow eCommerce businesses. We increase sales, profit, and margins utilizing our eCommerce Super Brain platform and technology. Our proprietary technology enables us to increase value for our clients on their investments. We find and identify the right online stores, price them correctly at the correct market value, buy, and then manage them from A to Z for our clients.

We handle the management of your operations from A-Z, allowing you to enjoy incredible gains while flying on cruise control.


One of the special forces behind TCM’s dynamic ability to produce optimal results is our synergetic human resources. TCM’s team is the core of our extraordinary ecosystem based on our values of loyalty, commitment, and trust because a company’s culture isn’t just one aspect of the game; it’s the end game. An organization is nothing more than the corporate capacity of its people to create value. At TCM, our values reflect our people, our work, our brands, and our progress.

The eCommerce universe isn’t subject to the laws of gravity, and your venture shouldn’t be either.

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