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Much like our cosmos, the eCommerce universe is vast and full of opportunities. Sharing our expertise, technology, and passion for eCommerce business and online marketplaces, we transform opportunities into prosperity, bringing your wildest dreams down to Earth, and well within reach. We combine extensive knowhow with our proprietary Super Brain Technology to partner and grow with you, with proven results.

As a leading eCommerce technology company, TCM developed proprietary AI and Machine Learning algorithms to scan eCommerce businesses with Big Data across the internet. Amongst the millions of data points, we identify the most promising growth verticals for eCommerce businesses that can benefit from our technology.


We use Big Data analysis to evaluate each potential eCommerce business. We scan over 40 Million data points per day to drive our AI’s predictive analysis.


We manage eCommerce stores via our proprietary AI to forecast market demand, support advanced performance analytics and enable real-time arbitrage


We developed Machine and Deep Learning models and algorithms to provide data for the successful launching of new eCommerce products.


We employ 110 first-class employees around the world, who are passionately committed to our company’s core values of generosity, trustworthiness, integrity and resourcefulness.

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Power up your Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Ninja Influence by NinjaOutreach is the best way to leverage e-commerce influencer marketing for your store.


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100,000,000 Influencers in the palm of your hand to boost your brand

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Expect the Impossible

We at TCM are full partners in the vision and dreams of our brand companies and investors. We believe in each brand’s ability to excel in the infinite realm of eCommerce space, where possibilities come to life through the persistent application of technology, expertise, and imagination.

Our Beliefs

eCommerce is humanity’s strongest asset, embodying the higher values of fairness, sharing, and collaboration.

eCommerce is a positive contributor to lives worldwide, improving quality of life everywhere.

The eCommerce universe is abundant. We sync great companies and investors with the limitless wealth and happiness available in the digital terrain.

Trust is key.

Together, we can achieve anything.

"Big Dreamers Foundation" Making an impact

The “Big Dreamers” project was conceived by TCM, created from a dream, in our thoughts and feelings. “Big Dreamers” is a social entrepreneurship project provided to people in all communities that wishes to grow, evolve, dream big and fulfil a better life. “Big Dreamers” spreads TCM’s ecosystem to the world. When we grant growth to the world through social entrepreneurship, we grant it to ourselves as well.

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